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Editor’s Note

Hello Readers,

Thank you for taking time to visit with us today!!! This whole venture officially began in 2001 on the urging of a friend who said, "you know where to go and where to be no matter what city you are. You bring a level of fun to every party you enter, why not use that unique influence and create your own events?" Guess what? 18 years later, A Gem Am I Special Events is still standing with a treasure trove of epic events and amazing adventures shared.

A Gem Am I helped to shape Charlotte’s social landscape for the African American middle class that you see today. We pride ourselves in your coming and walking away with an experience. We passionately believe in promoting small businesses and supporting positive organizations around the Charlotte community and beyond. What sets us apart from other tastemakers is our earnest desire to leave those we touch with something of value. We strive to genuinely connect with those we serve and offer a true sense of community.

We want to hear from you. Tell us what topics interested in. If you are in need of a boost in followers or clients, we can help with that too. Just say word and we will be there to Keep You “In The Know - Always!”


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Agency Media Rates

Thank you for your interest in our exciting event consultant and marketing services. We are very happy you chose our group to organize, execute and promote your precious objectives! We feel confident that just as we have reached you, we are going to consistently reach over 25,000 unique others every month ready to hear your message too!

By choosing A Gem Am I Special Events for your event planning & marketing needs, we care enough to monitor our progress and adjust your program so that using our services exceeds your goals and expectations. This partnership will provide exposure in a market that consists of a diverse mix of consumers that trust us to keep them “In The Know!”

We have included local demographic statistics and a service rate card for your review. As a first time customer of A Gem Am I, you will automatically receive 20% off any services you wish to purchase. Please contact us as soon as possible, so we may start marketing your ad programs and making your upcoming projects more successful!

We look forward to serving you!

Partnering With A Gem Am I Has Its Benefits

Partnering with our 18 year old firm affords you exposure to key urban professionals in our city. Marketing your products and services through our email blasts, the “In The Know Report” newsletters, social media accounts and website (, allows you to easily penetrate 25,000+ consumers and businesses each month to consistently meet your needs.

Email & Website Demographics

Our marketing and promotion efforts are facilitated via our In The Know Division. In The Know is a one-stop source for information that thousands, both locally and nationally, have come to depend on for social, cultural, and business savvy advice. Our robust newsletter, advertisements and social media promotions are all used to create a rich experience. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

DOWNLOAD: Click here to download our media rate card.


Gift Me

Novelty Item Store

Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Currently we are proud to offer 2019 12x18 Glossy 12 Month Calendars in our store. They include all Founder’s Days of the Divine 9 with a focus on the first Sorority within the Divine 9. All orders of these unique and specially curated items are final sale. Shipping is currently included.

2019 Pretty Since 1908 calendar

2019 Pretty Since 1908 calendar

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