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Tips for a wonderful tutoring or studying session:

  • Try to eat a healthy snack prior to your session like a piece of fruit or veggies, a protein, and or whole grains/good carbs.

  • Drink water an hour before your session or during.

  • Avoid excessive sugary food or drinks 30-60 minutes prior to your session.

  • Take 15-30 minutes to relax and decompress from your busy school day by taking a walk, meditating, listening to your favorite music.

  • Avoid excessive electronic or screen time to give your eyes and mind a break the hour before your sessions.

  • Turn off all electronics and cell phones while attending your sessions and notify your loved ones and friends that you will not communicate with them for the entire session.

  • Remember that you can do all things you set your mind and focus on doing!

These Educate Me YouTube Videos and Tips Were Sponsored and Produced By:

Imagine Children Again

Where the education of children are our 1st priority. We have been private tutoring since 2008

Why we do what we do: We strive to offer quality, affordable educational support to students who are facing academic challenges during their primary years of (school or education or learning). We also offer educational development to students who are excelling academically.

For Tutoring Information Email: Follow Us on Facebook @ Books by Lettie Cohen. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Imagine TV with Renee

Tutoring Available in Reading and Writing for students in grades K to 5th grade. Rates: $30 per session and sessions typically last 60 minutes. We are currently serving the following areas: South Charlotte vicinity.

To sponsor a child's tutoring session or sessions contact: Renee Cohen @



In a society where beautiful 9-year-old girls are taking their own lives, mental wellness is an important discussion to have. Some of us can easily recall how shocked we were that both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain both committed suicide.

However few of us heard about the little girl that was bullied to the point where she believed leaving this world was her only option.

What are we doing about our own mental health? Are we noticing when others around us are struggling? What are we doing to be accountable if we are in positions of management or administration to step in and speak up when we see negative behavior from others? The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available at anytime to help: 1-800-273-8255

One 4th grader and her Grandmother are using their super powers of communication to speak out against bullying. If you want to join this fight, and use your own superpowers, please add to the discussion and share! Visit their blog:


Culture Club

What Would 1998 Say If It Could Talk to 2018?

1998 would be shocked and itching to say it “does not believe that dial up web browsing would lead to the social media mess of a world we were living in today." 20 years ago, it took about 15-30 minutes to get an instant message to simply begin sending to someone verses today it takes less than 20 seconds. Do you realize how mind blowing this would be in 1998???!!!

There was no Facebook, Snapchat, IG, Twitter, iTunes, online dating via Match, Tinder, Bumble, or EHarmony. There were Sony Walkman’s and Black Planet if you waited about a year later in 1999. A bit further down the line we all got Myspace and POF for socializing. Myspace is where it took about an hour for some elaborately designed pages with pictures to load. You would tell people to take a look at your page for info about you or your business ventures. Huge flip phones or things called landlines were used for calling your friends and family. Then if you were really fancy, you had a pager or beeper to “text” a “911” for someone special to call you.

Yeah 1998 would see all the technology of today and crash it’s entire operating system at how we are wearing phones the size of a wristwatch that can communicate in every way imagined in 2018. 1998 Would say “why don’t you just pick up the phone and leave a message to talk to her” or “go walk over to introduce yourself?” 2018 would say back “why would I do that when I could just text or snap or tweet or go to the gram?? People act funny when you approach them and it’s awkward.”

1998 would long for human interaction and connections while 2018 would say “I am truly connected virtually and know so much more about people this way at a touch of my screen. I can value and rate someone’s worth with the power of a few clicks. I can go live and lift up or let down someone in a matter of seconds verses having to wait ‘til the 6pm and 11pm news! Do you know that I can order meals, clothes, food, friends, cars or stream anything now with my smartphone tablet or laptop?” ‘98 would ask “but where is Toys r Us, Gap or the Limited in my mall? Where are committed relationships and those people who stick and stay and look each other in the eyes to talk, dream and grow together having meaningful conversations about life, family and community?”

’18 would say “I can just swipe right or left, meme you ‘til you go viral verses telling a thoughtful joke, vote or not vote, look up what I need in an instant verses learning a craft and hire a buffoon of a reality show star to serve as president.”

’98 would say :( :< :[ :/