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Runaway Style


Giving Face with Pais

Need to spice up your photo ops this year? My name is Paisley and I’m going to show you how with my very own “Runway Look”. The next time you have somewhere special to be, try my on-the- go Runway look. With a few steps, YOU will be able to look stunning! Did I mention it shows you how to work a fiery BOLD lip to match your confidence? I promise it will be a look to remember.

Check out my YouTube Channel for all the details:

Xoxo Pais


Fashion Fix

How Do They Say It? “Winter is STILL Coming…..” Even if We Saw the First Day of Spring!

For a summer loving bae, even with Christmas, Game of Thrones, New Years, MLK Day and Valentine’s, winter temperatures are still not all that appealing. So what does a sun worshipper do? She (or he for our male readers) layers up some of her other season favs that’s what!!! Take a lighter weight top and add a cami or a lightweight knit top. Take your thinner spring dress and add knit tights or colored tights and pair with some boots. We adapt we survive, we wrap our legs in leggings or jeans. Winter like spring days don’t have to be so stuffy that you avoid your beloved shorter skirts or short shorts. Just invest a little in heavier undergarments, gloves, scarves and hats, and viola; you too can be sun-shining all year long.


Décor Much


Are your walls agreeably gray? Do you feel blah when you look past your 4K HDTV? Don’t allow the only bright spot in the room be the stainless steel on your fridge.

If you are color averse, start small. Use accent pillows with various textures and colors to brighten a room. This is one easy way to play with colors you organically gravitate towards. You can easily switch up or out items you don’t like.

Once you enjoy your accent pillows, you can pull into the room artwork or silk flowers or plants. If you are not getting your color fix, choose paint samples and swatches that could compliment your accent pieces. When you are feeling like you have a plan, look at magazines for ways to incorporate paint into your existing furniture finishes or walls. You can also use websites that help you snap pics of your room and try out different paint colors.

In the end, an accent wall, artwork or set of pillows can have more impact than painting or redoing an entire room. Go ahead - you got this!